This is Abby, my best friend's best friend.

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Thanks for dropping in. There's not much here--just me and a few of my friends, most of them with spines but no backbones.

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But I'm not a light sleeper so don't worry about disturbing me. Stay as long as you like.

Books by PC

"Although I have been teaching for over 50 years, I learned a lot in my reading of The Teacher's Craft. Paul Chance knows his way around a classroom, and he knows his way around scholarly literature on teaching."
--Robert Rosenthal, University of California, Riverside.
"Superb book that should be essential reading for all teachers."
-- Judy Cameron, University of Alberta.
"The book is extremely readable without sacrificing accuracy."
--Elizabeth Street, Central Washington University
"I particularly appreciate the conversational style of writing."
--Cam L. Melville, McNeese State University
"The clearest and most straightforward book for undergraduates."
--Frederick Bonato, Saint Peter's College
"The examples are clever and intriguing ... a thoughtful and well-written textbook. The author is to be commended."
--Mark Reilly, Arizona State University

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