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I started my professional life in the 60ís teaching English and social studies to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, then went to graduate school with the idea of teaching psychology in college. After earning a Ph.D. I got sidetracked from teaching when I was offered a job at Psychology Today. In my four years at PT I learned to write from some of the best editors in the business, and my career since has been dedicated to making behavior science accessible to lay audiences.

At PT I introduced the public to the breakthrough work of Ivar Lovaas on autism and Evelyn Hooker on homosexuality, recruited articles by Robert Rosenthal and Robert Ornstein, among others, and directed the Psychology Today Cassettes program, a collection of interviews.

Since leaving PT, my articles have appeared in The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Weight Watchers, Family Circle, Across the Board, Science 84, Phi Delta Kappan, PT, and other periodicals.

Much of my work has focused on the application of behavioral research to education. I did interviews with Benjamin Bloom on Mastery Learning, Reuven Feuerstein on Instrumental Enrichment, and Fred Keller on the Personalized System of Instruction, and wrote about the effects of classroom rewards, teaching thinking skills, and other topics. My most recent book is The Teacher's Craft: The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching.

I am the author of two college texts. Learning & Behavior has been in print for more than 30 years and is one of the most widely used texts in its area. First Course in Applied Behavior Analysis (in print for 12 years) uses a simulated classroom to teach the basic concepts of ABA.

My work over the years won me the first Media Award granted by the Association for Behavior Analysis, and an article called Life After Head Injury was nominated for a National Magazine Award.

My heart is in writing, but I have tried to improve understanding of human behavior in other ways as well. I have taught college courses on psychology, given workshops for psychologists on communicating with the public, consulted for Time-Life Books, Magination Press, and other publishers, and have been on the advisory boards of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment and the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.

While most of my work is fairly serious, I believe it is important to see the lighter side of human nature so I bring humor to my writing when I can.

I hope you will read my work, learn a lot, and smile now and then as you do so.

Books by PC

"Although I have been teaching for over 50 years, I learned a lot in my reading of The Teacher's Craft. Paul Chance knows his way around a classroom, and he knows his way around scholarly literature on teaching."
--Robert Rosenthal, University of California, Riverside.
"Superb book that should be essential reading for all teachers."
-- Judy Cameron, University of Alberta.
"The book is extremely readable without sacrificing accuracy."
--Elizabeth Street, Central Washington University
"I particularly appreciate the conversational style of writing."
--Cam L. Melville, McNeese State University
"The clearest and most straightforward book for undergraduates."
--Frederick Bonato, Saint Peter's College
"The examples are clever and intriguing ... a thoughtful and well-written textbook. The author is to be commended."
--Mark Reilly, Arizona State University

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