Just by Chance

The Teacher's Craft: The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching
A reader-friendly synthesis of what research and other evidence shows are the basic principles of effective teaching. It favors no educational theory except that we should do what works. College students preparing to teach and new teachers struggling to find their way are especially likely to benefit.

First Course in Applied Behavior Analysis
A unique book. A text that creates a simulated classroom with a fictional instructor, Dr. Cee, whose lectures are punctuated by questions from fictional students. The reader "sits in" on this class, and, in the process, learns about the basics of applied behavior analysis.

Learning & Behavior
Not your usual college learning text. All the standard topics are here, but they're presented in a way that not only makes them easy to understand but conveys that they reveal more about people than they do about rats and pigeons.

Thinking in the Classroom: A Survey of Programs
Describes and appraises some of the most influential programs for improving student thinking skills.

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Books by PC

"Although I have been teaching for over 50 years, I learned a lot in my reading of The Teacher's Craft. Paul Chance knows his way around a classroom, and he knows his way around scholarly literature on teaching."
--Robert Rosenthal, University of California, Riverside.
"Superb book that should be essential reading for all teachers."
-- Judy Cameron, University of Alberta.
"The book is extremely readable without sacrificing accuracy."
--Elizabeth Street, Central Washington University
"I particularly appreciate the conversational style of writing."
--Cam L. Melville, McNeese State University
"The clearest and most straightforward book for undergraduates."
--Frederick Bonato, Saint Peter's College
"The examples are clever and intriguing ... a thoughtful and well-written textbook. The author is to be commended."
--Mark Reilly, Arizona State University